Do you know who created you?

In my last blog, I began sharing about what true purpose is all about.  I concluded by saying that, to really have a purposeful life you need to develop a relationship with your creator (I hope you are still keeping an open mind if you are not that way inclined…..yet!). 

This week I would like to cite common reasons for people not developing a relationship with God.

Perception:-  A lot is said about God, positive and negative, however not all of it is true.  So therefore it is of the utmost importance that you ensure that you get to know God for yourself.  You must really ask yourself the question; Is the information I have about God my personal revelation/insight/experience or is it second hand information?  People cite a number of reasons; there is the ever popular “Well if there is a God, why do all these bad things happen?”  Or “I don’t really buy into all this religious/hokus pokus stuff”  And don’t forget the very enlightening “I can’t stand those Christians, they are so hypocritical!”  All this says to me is that you just haven’t been bothered to spend time getting to know this ‘being’ for yourself enabling you to come up with your own experience.  After all true existence is all about being able to express your own personal experience of living.

Being hurt in the past:- There are times where the very people who are entrusted to look after us spiritually or otherwise turn out to be the very people we should stay well away from!  There have been very unfortunate incidents where people have been hurt profoundly.  As a result they get angry with God and blame Him for their bad experiences.  No matter how painful these experiences are, this must not keep you from developing a relationship with God.  Actually these are the times where you need to pull even closer to Him.  And in fact have a very critical look at the relationship you had before. 

Does not fit into your lifestyle:- All the vices fall into this category.  Also anything in the excessive is probably in this category as well.  The Bible says that while we were still sinners, when we weren’t even thinking of a relationship with Him, God loved us. 

Just a few of the most common reasons.  Whatever you feel, you have to be 100% honest and ask if you are just simply hanging on to these ‘reasons’ because (a) you really haven’t bothered to diligently seek out the truth for yourself; (b) you really do not like the idea of submitting to anyone, much less a being you cannot even see; (c) quite frankly, you just want to have fun and don’t want to do a whole load of ‘religious’ things that would cramp your style! 

The truth of the matter is, unless you develop a true relationship with God, you will never discover true purpose.   Rick Warren makes mention of an atheist, Betrand Russell who apparently made the comment “Unless you assume a God, the question of life’s purpose is meaningless”.  Even an atheist accepts that there is a God.

So let me leave you with these questions

What is REALLY stopping you from acknowledging and submitting yourself to your creator? 

Is it fear? (What if He is not real?  All this spiritual stuff freaks me out! I don’ t think He is going to like me…).  Or is it pride? (I don’t need Him, I have done quite well for myself without Him!).  Or is it anger? (I have through hell and back and where has He been!!!!  What kind of God sits back and watches will all these atrocities and unjust things go on?!!!).  Or is it confusion? (My folks/friends have always said religious people are hypocrites, I don’t know what to think!).  Or is it hurt? (I used to love being part of a church, but i was hurt so badly, I’ll never trust God again…)

Whatever it is that you feel, I urge you to put it aside and do this:

Talk to Him.  Do this first, it is very important.  Be frank, be open.  Say exactly how you feel.  Believe that He hears.  Be expectant that He will answer the questions you have asked.  Dig around for answers yourself.  There is an awesome amount of resource out there – books, audio, video – the lot!!.  Keep a journal of questions and occurrences after your 1:1s.  You do not have to have an intermediary, or go through a special ritual before you can talk to him.  You are the ‘prodigal’ son that he has been waiting for.  He literally watches the horizon to see when you are going to make your way back to Him.

Now this is the very tip of the iceberg and every situation is different.  This is what I did when I first came to know God.  I found a quiet spot and had a 1:1 with Him.  I know Him for myself.  And because of this, I hear when he tells me off, when he gives me a thumbs up, when he warns me of danger, when he is leading me to reach out to someone and so on.  And as a result of this, whenever something happens or someone has something to say – whether good or bad, I have a filter within me that will either accept or reject what is on offer. 

I’ll leave you with this, what you should be aiming for is a relationship with God and not getting caught up in religion.  Also, bear in mind that you will never ever find your true purpose unless you have a relationship with God and there is also the huge possibility that you face an eternity of torment in hell, this at least should prompt you to give this 100%.


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