Purpose – what is it really about?




When you hear the word purpose what comes to your mind?


Do you see yourself running around,  frantically trying to do as much ‘good’ as possible?  You have joined this committee and that committee as well as being a representative at almost all the associations that represent the key aspects in your life? Or maybe you are hoping to achieve purpose through your work life?  The almost endless networking groups you have joined to find like minded people and potential customers.  And now on top of all of this you have to keep up with the Facebooking, ensuring that you are still connecting on the LinkedIn and twittering at the Twitter social network and heaven forbid that you are allowing your activity on Ecademy to suffer!!  However, despite all this activity you still just cannot seem to connect with activities that truly ignite your passion and keep it going for more than 1 month.


It is not a wonder that at the end of each day all you feel is stress, a lack of serious accomplishment and the inward sinking feeling that you are not getting any closer to even what vaguely looks like your true purpose in life!


This blog is all about helping to see purpose in a different light.  As a career and business coach my approach is to filter the business and career coaching experience through the concept of purpose.  I say to my clients that there is no point spending all your money, time and effort on coming up with a business or career strategy without properly coming to terms with true purpose.  When you truly understand why you are in existence you will be ready to do things way beyond your wildest dreams.  Suddenly you understand what to do with your experience, ability and skills. You understand and accept why you have a particular character and personality trait.  You take on board why you need to change certain aspects of your behaviour and you understand why some challenges just do not go away.


The very first step of realising your true purpose is coming to terms with the issue of a ‘God’.  Now before you start rolling your eyes and make a beeline for your mouse, I know there are several doctrines out there.  Some outrageous, some used to control and manipulate, some very cleverly put together but still missing vital ingredients and so on.  But if we were to take a logical perspective, for you to be looking for a purpose which you believe exists inside of you, it stands to reason that someone must have put it in you.  You know how lost you are when you get yet another ‘gadget’?  You spend a number of hours with tech support and reading the 7000 page manual before you can make head or tale out of the thng!  Only the creator knows why they created the creation.  So your very first step towards discovering your true purpose is to accept and get comfortable with the concept that you have a creator and only that being knows why you exist.


Without a sound relationship with your creator, you will never (and I mean never) ever live a truly fulfilled life.  There are a number of people who will want to argue vehemently against this because they do not believe in the concept of God.  “What a load of rubbish”, they’ll say.  “Oh no, not the ‘born agains’ again” they’ll exclaim.  Then they’ll launch into a long vehement debate about how fulfilled their lives are  because they do good, are the president of this association and give generously to a whole load of charities, and all without the help of the ‘Almighty’ thank you very much!


To them I say, “Yes, you are fulfilling A purpose, but it most definitely is not YOUR purpose”.  Whatever it is you are experiencing in terms of success right now, it is no where as mind blowing as what your creator has in store for you.  Only the Creator knows the purpose of the Creation.


The concept of God is definitely something every single person upon the face of the earth should look into.  You owe yourself that much.  You cannot afford to depend on hearsay, perceptions, what your family or friends say or anything else.  You must give this 100%, and always inwardly believe that this creator of yours is directing you towards the truth.  Do not fall prey to false doctrine, do not fall into the trap of religion and always remember you have DIRECT ACCESS to him.  He is always listening and always watching to see when you will make that step to getting to know Him for Him.  Make sure you pursue this with the entirety of your heart because when you breathe your last breath and close your eyes, the very next time you open them HE will be the first person you will see…  and trust me you will definitely want to be on His side of the skies as opposed to the other dude.


Next time we’ll look at how you go about building this relationship.






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